Wednesday Evening Picnic

Wednesday last week was amazing.  It was the first midweek day available for me on the plot since the change to British Summer Time.  As the weather was nice we decided to celebrate by having tea/dinner down the allotment as a little picnic.

T’was a simple affair with ham sandwiches etc. but the kids thought it was all very exciting and adventurous :).  Definitely be doing that again.

WednesdayPicnicTeaOnce the picnics were eaten Vicki and I got to work getting the beds ready for the potatoes whilst the kids played with the trowels digging their own patch.  The boy spent some time exploring the puddles on the tarp and very proudly showed us all the flying bees in the water (very still and wet flying bees! 🙁 )

My daughter help me dig the two trenches for the first early potatoes (Arran Pilot), whilst Vicki prepared the second bed and mowed the grass.  Both then loved dropping the potatoes in one at time and tucking them in with soil afterwards.


We had real difficulty breaking up the soil for the potato bed.  As you can see from the photo  it has turned into clumps that have set like concrete. That corner of the plot does not seem to have been worked in the past.  It certainly isn’t as crumbly as the rest of the plot.  I’m wondering whether that was the site of a previous holders shed, or weather it simply wasn’t manured like the rest.

A lovely day indeed.  Hoping there are lots more to come. 🙂



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