Time to start spreading that muck

A big pile of cow manureThe season is coming to an end and with only a little left to harvest, it is now time to start thinking about feeding the soil to provide a bumper harvest next year.

Putting time and effort in now will really reap rewards next year, and not only in the crops you harvest.  If you have clay or heavy soil, adding compost, manure (muck) or sowing a green manure (e.g. mustard or field beans) will really improve the texture of the soil and make digging the soil over next a breeze. This short video shows what I mean (I had heavy sticky clay soil last season) Digging the soil 12 months after laying manure

Be kind to your back. Manure your beds!  🙂

Cow muck is my preferred choice but only because there is a nice local source of fully matured muck at the farm behind the allotment site.  We are a little spoilt for muck.


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