The season is starting – Almost

I’m a little behind this year (beds still need digging over) but it does feel like the new season has started or is staring. Twitter is a wash with people sowing their Chilli seeds, which I feel is the real start of the season. I know for some of you it starts with the onions / garlic / broad beans going in, or the first carrot seed in the ground. For me it is the Chilli seeds.

I’ll be growing the usual high cropper cayenne pepper but also planning on trying new ones too. I’ll see what’s on offer.

With no greenhouse, or windowsill with good light, it is always a challenge but one I enjoy.

A good tip if you’re in a similar situation to me. If it’s a nice day take your seedlings to work with you on the parcel shelf of your car and leave in a parking space with lots of sun. Then bring them back into the house when you get home. Works wonders and helps to stop them getting too leggy.

Wanting to get started (weather had other ideas)

Now that I have the “The Seasons Starting!” feeling (a mixture of excitement and fear/urgency that I will miss it), the pull to get on the plot a do stuff is great. I had much planned for today (Sunday); digging, fixing shed roofs, pruning apple trees etc. But snow was the order of the day.

Kids having heard that it might snow woke up early and, on seeing all white outside their windows, woke us up. That was it.  My destiny for the day instantly changed to sledge puller, snow ball target (and thrower), and snowman/penguin/t-rex builder.

Despite the ‘No plot time’ it was an, as my daughter put it, “EPIC DAY!!!” 

Hope you all had an equally good day.

Lids out early pulling each other on the sledge.

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