Sweetest Parsnips

On Christmas eve we all (Wife, kids and Grandparents) headed to the plot to collect the parsnips for Christmas dinner.  This has become quite the tradition in our family where ever we stay for Christmas.

Christmas Eve On the Plot
Christmas Eve On the Plot

So with parsnips freshly gathered, with wine (shop bought 🙁 ) in hand and whilst Father Christmas was on his rounds I started the preparation, par-boiling the parsnips etc.

Now the reason I’m telling this story is that when I drained the parsnips, maybe because I’d had a few and because it smelt awesome, I decided to taste the water they had boiled in. It was amazingly sweet! This immediately got me planning my next batch of home brew wine. Obviously I carried on with the Christmas dinner preparation (I had my orders! 🙂 ) but once complete I set about searching for a suitable recipe. There are loads out there.  I have settled on Rich’s Pure and Simple Parsnip Wine Recipe from the Two Thirsty Gardeners Blog http://twothirstygardeners.co.uk/2013/01/wine-wars-parsnip-vs-parsnip/

I doesn’t look like a complicated recipe and parsnip wine has some avid fans.  So I think I will be giving it a go with what’s left in the ground.  I wonder if it will be up to the rhubarb wine I last made…we will see!

To be continued….Demi Johns at the ready!

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  1. Hi Richard
    Got several demijohns – have you any ideas about best way of washing them out?


    1. As I can never find the demijohn brush when I need it, I always end up using a coat hanger, that I bend into shape, and a cloth that I attach to the end with electricians tape. Does the job pretty well 🙂


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