What a beautiful day (Sunday 9th March)

It just so happened that the first day back on the allotment, after moving house, turned out to be the best day of the year so far. 🙂 The sun was out the breeze was light, Awesome!

I was surprised that there weren’t more people on the site.  It may have been that they are all far more prepared than me or that I didn’t get down the plot until about 12 ish on a Sunday, right when ‘normal’ people are thinking about tucking into their Sunday lunch.

I went down with the kids.  I’m starting to think that my idealised view of having an allotment with young kids might be a little naive.  We had a good time but I didn’t get all I needed to do done.  The kids were wanting my attention and we did more playing that any serious work.  We basically spent the time looking for worms and playing with the bouncy hoppers I had stored in the shed.  The boy found a few snails. and collected all the larger stones I have for holding down tarps etc and put them all in the boot of my car :). I need to get them out: they’ll be knocking a few MPG off my commute.

Jobs completed:

  • Dug over one bed, preparation for potatoes.
  • Mowed the parts of the plot that I’m not planning to work this year.
  • Pulled up a load of netting that had woven itself into the ground.
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