Planning my allotment greenhouse project

Up until now I’ve always bought on seedlings on my kitchen windowsill. In February we’ll be moving into our new house where pots will not be allowed on windowsills. šŸ™‚

So I have to come up with a cheap solution on the allotment.

Old Windows - Soon to be a greenhouse

Luckily I’m a little closer now that I’ve acquired some windows and frames. I just need to come up with a working design that makes use of what I’ve got.

The current working plan is to build a greenhouse in to the south side of a 6 x 4 foot shed. I’ve attempted to sketch what I mean below. This will involveĀ someĀ serious shed surgery, but should result in just what I need.

Current challenge is to find the wood to build it. Any suggestions welcomed as I have not worked out how yet? To be continued….

Greenhouse Design sketch 1

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  1. I’ve got a shed made of pallets (well wood taken from pallets). Some people on our site have got greenhouses made from the wood too. Could probably find pallets in local skips etc. I would imagine. @spadeforkspoon


    1. Spadeforksspoon thanks.

      Yep, Pallet wood is my current choice. Certainly for the shell. Although my wife is not so sure; she doesn’t want the allotment to be scruffy / shanty town affair.

      There are often a few stacks of them outside our local Wyevale nursery. I’m planning on heading down to see if they’d mind me taking them.

      Also I had a bit of a windfall (literally) in that my neighbours fence has come down in the recent winds. So will incorporate the fence posts and feather boards as well.


      1. I can see your wife’s point, but I always think allotments are a bit about make do and mend, rather than go out and buy. Pallets can be a good source of really good strong wood. Surely it could be sold to her as shabby chic!


        1. I agree. I think my wife’s concern was that I was literally going to make it out of pallets. i.e. not break them down and just tie them together. šŸ™‚

          Definitely going down the shabby chic road.


          1. Fair enough. The pallets as they are approach might be a bit draughty! Hope it goes ok?

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