Planning is key. But it’s not easy.

I’m starting to get the distinct feeling that the season is running away faster that I can keep up. I thought my rough plans were sufficient, and they have got me part way there, but there is so much to keep track off. It all makes me wonder how farmers manage their time. Kudos to them; I’d be curled up in a ball gently rocking if I had any more land to manage. ūüôā

So, to get to a greater level of organisation, I’ve been doing some research in to how others manage their time on the plot and what they will plant and when. Key seems to be keeping a journal or notebook to hand.¬†¬†Everything is written down and recorded there. Then¬†on a¬†weekly basis you look through and¬†plan the next week (what to do and plant etc.).

[By the way - as a side note added after I was going back reading some old posts]  
I think this was the post that got Vegplotter started.  It was after this that I realised how ridiculously complicated planting plans and schedules could get when planning an allotment on paper.  "There must be an easier way!" I thought.  Give at try, its month by month planning software will really make managing and planning your allotment or vegetable garden simpler.

Tonight I vow to get the next few weeks planned out. The main things I need to work out being: (bearing in mind my car has completely wiped me of any disposable cash recently).

  • How to protect my brassicas from the pigeons. Based on my experience and comments from my allotment neighbours this is a must.
  • How to mark up the rows of veg.
  • How to feed my plants (potatoes particularly) – The soil does’t seem to be high in organic matter of nutrients.
  • What seeds I should¬†buy.
Notebook - Just full of doodles
My Notebook – Just full of doodles.



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