Allotment Site Sunday 9th March

It just so happened that the first day back on the allotment, after moving house, turned out to be the best day of the year so far. 🙂 The sun was out […]

Shed - phase 1

I don’t think anything, bar harvesting my first crops, could be as exciting!  It is true what is said about men and their sheds.  There is a feeling of completeness […]

This week for the first time this year it was still light when I got home from work.  Well it was the first time I’d noticed..  I know, still light!! […]

Making use of little time & light

Today I had a day off to look after the kids (teacher training day), and planned to take them to play down the allotment (and get some digging done). Unfortunately […]

cropped greenhouse sketch 1

Up until now I’ve always bought on seedlings on my kitchen windowsill. In February we’ll be moving into our new house where pots will not be allowed on windowsills. 🙂 […]

Old Windows - soon to be a greenhouse

Today I had a free couple of hours that I planned for digging.  It seems the days are rushing by and it’ll soon be spring.  This is worrying me as […]