Onions are in

Very exciting! Onions are in; the first thing planted on this allotment. A little late I know but I decided I had to get something in. It’s only December and already I’m itching for Spring to come along. It’s going to be a long hard January and February at this rate. BTW onions cost me about £8 for 210 sets (100 red, 100 white and about 10 shallots).

I’ve also started to draw out some plans for the whole plot that I’ll share when complete. First up though is to get some muck (cow manure) from the local farmer. I’ve been researching and chatting to the neighbours and it seems that the local farmer is the best place. Apparently it costs £8 per JCB digger shovel which includes delivery straight to the plot (yes, plot not site – I had to check I’d heard right when they told me). I’m therefore planning to get 2 to put on my potato beds. I’ll be needing to rot it down first so will be hot composting it over the next few months.

Also met the local robin. Will need to come up with a name for him I feel.


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