My Plot

My Plot Summer 15My allotment plot is situated in the Midlands of the UK (near Coventry). It measures approx 14 m (46 feet) by 26 m (85 feet).  This is average for a full size allotment plot in the UK.  The soil is fairly heavy clay but is improving each year, as I add more organic matter (cow muck).  I took on the plot in September 2013. In that time I’ve managed to cultivate about 40% of the plot but this is increasing each season.

If you’d like to explore my plot and my planting plans for the coming months or what I’ve planted in the past you can do so on my plan.

Feel free to move through the months and explore my plans for the coming year.  To move through the months use the month selector at the top of the page.  Clicking on the plants provides information about when I plan to plant and harvest them.  Enjoy.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for me on my planting plans I’d love to hear from you.

Click the plan below to explore my plot plan on VegPlotter

Screenshot of my allotment plan generated in

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