My new fruit and vegetable venture!

What do you get if you cross a very keen allotmenteer [Me], an extremely patient family and 18 months of very little sleep?….An awesome tool for planning your fruit and vegetable garden / allotment, that’s what! 🙂

I must admit that it has been a long hard slog, but seeing the final product has made it totally worth it.  See if you agree at (more on VegPlotter below)

Well that’s my excuse for my poor posting record over the past 18 months :). So this is to say that I now have a little more time to post and record my progress on the plot, and I’m looking forward to doing so again.  I’ve missed it.

As for The Overgrown Plot, well… It is not as overgrown as might be expected.  We’ve managed to find time each weekend to keep the weeds down on the beds we previously dug (although we haven’t extended them as planned). They have produced a bumper crop of: beetroot, swiss chard, lettuce (various), tomatoes, potatoes, radish spinach, runner beans, rhubarb, gooseberries and marrows (I planted Butter-nut seeds but I got marrows!). So all in all pretty positive and I’m looking forward to more time on the plot.


So! back to VegPlotter.

I developed the web app as I couldn’t find anything that would help organise and plan my plot.  I found doing so on a piece of paper extremely difficult especially dealing with the different planting times and when to sow in doors for planting out at the ideal time: it all got very complicated. I think it is the scale of allotment growing that is the main issue.  I know about growing fruit and vegetables as I’ve been doing it for many years, but the scale of the allotment really stretched my previous approaches.

Essentially nothing out there solved my problems or was simple enough to use.  So I decided to build something to simplify the process greatly….18 months later out pops  I’m really pleased with the result and I’d really appreciate it if you would give it a try. I’d welcome any feedback you can give me.

Screenshot of's simple and intuitive interface


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Use VegPlotter’s simple and effective vegetable garden planning software. Get the most out of your vegetable garden / allotment. Give it a try. It’s FREE!!

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