Loving Freegle

Sash Windows and some double glazed panes from FreegleWhen I’ve started the allotment back in October I set myself the goal of running it at little or no cost.

In that vein I joined the local Freegle group when I signed the allotment site waiting list. This was right when Kirstie Allsopp’s Home-Made Home was regularly on  TV. I’m sure this drove up the popularity of Freegle, resulting in items being posted as taken within minutes of being offered. It made it impossible to get anything if you had a job or family;  others could always collect items sooner.

After a few frustrating months, missing everything I went for, I gave up and filtered off all the Freegle mail to a folder and forgot about it (You do get a lot of email and if you’re not in the market for anything it can get annoying)

Two weeks ago I gave Freegle another try. Things have improved greatly. This past week I’ve acquired; few more pallets, five sash windows, 2 double glazed panes of glass and a very nice solid wood coffee table. All through Freegle! It seems to have a nice balance now, with items going over a day or two rather than mere minutes.  I’ve also managed to offload a few things I didn’t need any more. Love it!

As always with Freegle or Freecycle you have to be quick and get in early (getting emails sent to your mobile helps), but it’s not impossible as it once was if you keep your eye on your emails and have a little patience.

Note:  Allotment spend to date = £9.48 (onion and shallot sets).

Freegle: http://www.ilovefreegle.org/
Freecycle: https://www.freecycle.org/

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  1. Freegle and Freecycle are a great resource for free things for the plot. My path at the plot is made entirely of freecycled paving slabs. It took a while to complete the job, but well worth it. A bit of skip hunting is also worth it (although it’s worth asking permission before taking).


    1. Always worth keeping an eye out, I agree. Currently looking for lengths of wood I can use as the Skeleton for my greenhouse. Have the roof rack on the car just in case I get lucky. 🙂


      1. That’s a good plan. I take a different route to the plot each day to maximise scavenging opportunities.


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