I love Digging (am I weird?)

Freshly dug vegetable bed

Having some spare time on the allotment this weekend, with nothing urgent to do.  I decided to start preparations for next year. So out came the fork and I started to dig.  In previous years I’ve not relished this task: it was hard work and tedious.  Although, this time i really enjoyed it. What is wrong with me?!

I even long for it now, sitting here typing this post.  I must caveat it a little though. The soil can’t be too solid like it was when I started working the allotment. I like it crumbly.  Also, I’m not going to do anyone else’s. That would be a step to far! ;).

Maybe it was due to the beautiful whether we experienced last weekend, or the nicely moistened soil after the rains earlier in the week. But methodically slicing the fork into the soil, lifting the clod, tossing it up slightly and hitting it before it hit the ground in one fluid motion, where it simply crumbled was awesome!  I can’t recommend it more!

Does anyone else feel the same?


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  1. It’s not weird! I find that I’m getting more and more OCD about the edges of my borders! Just trying out the VegPlotter 🙂


    1. Glad I’m not the only one. I’m the same with the borders. I’ve bought some long handle edge trimmers especially for neatening then up :). Thanks for trying Vegplotter. Would love to know what you think? Thanks Richard


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