Getting the garden ready

Didn’t quite manage to start the vegetable garden last weekend.  The weather was beautiful so we decided to enjoy it instead with a charity Dog walk and a BBQ with friends.  Both were great and preferable to digging up turf and turning over soil. 
So that meant I needed use the evenings this past week. Loosing an hour last Sunday has made a massive difference on the light. As you can see from the photos I’ve made some good progress, even with only 30 mins or so each evening.
So far I’ve taken off the turf and turned over the soil. I decided to place the turf in the compost bin rather than in the bottom of the beds. The garden soil is pretty shallow and there is builders rubble and hardcore below about 3 inches.
I’ve also made a start on planning what to plant.  This year I will focus on salad crops, like lettuce, spring onion and tomato. These give the best value from a limited space.  I’ll also throw in a few things like carrots and parsnips but only a few to test how they do in our soil.
The compost that I’d created from kitchen scraps over the past year and a half was nice and crumbly.  I also have another batch that will be ready in a few months.  I’m going to need to keep applying compost as the soil is so poor.  Next week sees the start of Easter Holidays so the kids and I will be heading down to the garden centre to get seedlings and seeds. We need to catch up on the season.
I also had some good news on the allotment front.  The secretary of the site phoned me this week to let me know that she had found someone to take over the plot.  Although I’m sad to let it go, I’m so please that the hard work I put in last autumn won’t be going to waste.
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