Finally Making Progress

Having had a wet winter, with little or no plot time.  Last weekend the plot dried out to the point where I was happy to work the soil again.

Since the start of the autumn the water logged soil has prevented any digging.  The plan, as always, was to minimise any effort spent by me. Turning the soil and leaving the frosts to break it down worked so well last year. It left lovely crumbly soil! Well that idealised plan has completely fallen be the way side with this sodden soil.

Photo showing water pooling in the soil.I was feeling like I would never be able to catch up.  The soil was completely water logged only 2 weekends ago (see right). It is amazing what difference a few days of dry weather and frosts can do to improve the conditions.

So this and last weekend I have made some good progress and am feeling like all is not lost. I have managed to get two of the beds ready. and have extended the middle bed adding to my growing space.

My back has not loved the experience, or the urgency, but is so far holding up. The weeds have taken over some of the beds. They have continued to grow without cold weather to keep them in check.  To cope with this the hoe has come in handy.  I’ll be keeping a much closer eye on the plot next winter if it is as mild, and the hoe will be out more.  The majority of weed growth has been the grasses which the hoe is perfect for.  I expect the deep root weeds have struggled with the water as they haven’t seemed to feature this year.

I’m now feeling like we are getting there at least.  Bring on the spring!!

Here is the progress in photos.

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