Edible Garden Show 2016

This past weekend was perfect for getting the allotment ready for the season. The weather was sunny. The soil was not too wet. or too dry, in fact it was perfect for digging over.  My back was feeling good.  I even had a pass out on the Saturday for most of the day!

Under normal circumstances, I’d be straight down the plot and you wouldn’t have seen me for hours.  But this weekend was different.  This weekend was the Edible Garden Show weekend. Last year we went down to Ally Pally in London and had a great time.  The Kids especially loved it and got to meet Mr Bloom!

This year I went on my own with the main goal to do some research for VegPlotter (soon adding new varieties and interesting veg), but I was looking forward to it for myself as well.

The Show was different this year.  It seemed bigger, but also busier.  Maybe because of the time I arrived: 11:00 on the Saturday. Despite the crowds though I had a great time.

Pippa Greenwood on stage at the Edible Garden ShowI learnt a lot about bee keeping: something I’d like to do in the future.  I saw some interesting products from, the bubble wrap greenhouses, to an ingenious hoe that seemed to also act like a plow.  I found some tempting and fragrant herbs (chocolate mint etc). And I saw some interesting talks.  My favourite being @PippaGreenwood’s talk on interesting varieties and growing techniques.  I really wanted to catch the recording of Gardener’s Question time but unfortunately the timings did not allow. The food hall was also amazing and there were lots of lovely treats to try (even for me, a coeliac!)

It was also interesting to see the volume of people queuing to meet James Wong.  And the defensive positions they had taken to hold their place in the long queue. I only wanted to get past, but they weren’t having any of it.  He is a popular man 🙂

Although I didn’t get the full Saturday on the plot I did managed an hour in the early hours.  The outcome being I now have a bed ready for sowing.  I’m planning to try for some early lettuce: the loose leaf varieties.  I’m hoping to start them off under the cloche.  The plan is to harvest them during May and Early June before I sow my pumpkin’s and squashes in the same bed later in June. Well that’s the plan.

Note: I’ve shared my growing plans for the year on VegPlotter here. This allows you to explore my plan: what I will plant, where and when. You can also see what I’ve grown in past months too.  I’d welcome any comments or suggestions. Thanks, Richard

Top Right Bed Ready for sowing with Cloche warming the soil





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