Day 2 – Snatched an hour for more digging

Bed Digging Progress1Managed to snatch an hour down the plot as the shadows were lengthening.  Time was tight (had to be back to let Vicki head out for the evening) so got straight down to starting the second bed. Didn’t quite get as far as on day 1, although what I did I managed a lot quicker.   I must be learning something.

Met my neighbours to the south of the plot.  Sue and (arr! forgot his name) were both very friendly.  They’ve had their plot for nearly two years.  Knowing this made me even more impressed. Their plot is the one that Vicki has asked me to copy. The place is immaculate and well laid out with not a weed in sight. (will get a pic next time).

Also met Allan (I think) and Fiona. They have a plot off the upper track (next to the unoccupied one).

Sue and ‘What’s his name’ have kindly leant me a wheel barrow and a large plastic sheet to help suppress the weeds.  This I have weighed down with everything on the plot with a bit of weight (pallets, buckets, the wheel barrow etc) although it wasn’t much.  Fingers crossed it stays put.

Next weekend I have most of Sunday to work on it, so assuming the whether allows,  I should make some progress.

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