My allotment has a shed!

Shed - phase 1I don’t think anything, bar harvesting my first crops, could be as exciting!  It is true what is said about men and their sheds.  There is a feeling of completeness that comes from having a shed, especially on an allotment.

It’s not much to look at, at the moment, and it’s in need of some roof felt and a few repairs. But it is a place I can store my tools, make a cuppa and shelter from the rain. 🙂

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any video of awesome shed transfer.  David (my neighbour) and I had a limited window of opportunity, of a Saturday morning, to move it so time was of the essence.  As such the video camera had to stay home. 🙁

For those that are interested the shed is one that I inherited when I purchased my current home.  We are due to move to a new house in the next two weeks so I had to get it down the allotment before I lost the opportunity.

The process was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. The roof and sides, being nailed, came loose with a little persuasion from a hammer.  The main challenge was getting the base level and nailing the sides back together in the wind.

So that’s it – Phase 1 of the Shed/greenhouse build project is complete.  Next step is to find some wood to build the greenhouse extension.


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