April 2014

Little 'helper' Dragon

Today was quite a day, but on things other than gardening.  Vicki, my wife,  ran the Stratford half marathon and we all went to watch and cheer her on.  The boy […]

Episode 5: Worms do NOT eat beetroot!!

Richard Lewis Husband, father, allotment holder, miracle dinghy sailor and IT professional. Like writing blogs and making videos. Also creator and founder of https://vegplotter.com. Use VegPlotter’s simple and effective vegetable […]

Notebook - Just full of doodles

I’m starting to get the distinct feeling that the season is running away faster that I can keep up. I thought my rough plans were sufficient, and they have got […]

Garden Connect - The Start

This year I have joined the Garden Connect bloggers network.  The aim is to all grow the same set of plants and learn from the shared experience.  It only requires […]

Wednesday Evening Picnic

Wednesday last week was amazing.  It was the first midweek day available for me on the plot since the change to British Summer Time.  As the weather was nice we […]