Tractor Welcoming people to the Edible Garden Show

This past weekend was perfect for getting the allotment ready for the season. The weather was sunny. The soil was not too wet. or too dry, in fact it was perfect […]

Me Digging Mid Center Bed

Having had a wet winter, with little or no plot time.  Last weekend the plot dried out to the point where I was happy to work the soil again. Since the […]

Dad part way through building the compost bin

For my birthday recently, my parents sent a lovely card that included a voucher for a hand-made wooden compost bin.  Essentially it said that the next time they visited Dad would […]

Freshly dug vegetable bed

Having some spare time on the allotment this weekend, with nothing urgent to do.  I decided to start preparations for next year. So out came the fork and I started to dig. […]

Sweetest Parsnips

On Christmas eve we all (Wife, kids and Grandparents) headed to the plot to collect the parsnips for Christmas dinner.  This has become quite the tradition in our family where ever we stay for […]