Getting the garden ready

Didn’t quite manage to start the vegetable garden last weekend.  The weather was beautiful so we decided to enjoy it instead with a charity Dog walk and a BBQ with […]

Black and white photo our my allotment

It is a sad day when you have to give up an Allotment.  Even if you know it is for the best and that you will eventually get into a […]

Untended Plots

Our allotment site has never been a popular choice.  There is no mains water, access is via a main road with no pavements, and the soil is not great. As […]

Tractor Welcoming people to the Edible Garden Show

This past weekend was perfect for getting the allotment ready for the season. The weather was sunny. The soil was not too wet. or too dry, in fact it was perfect […]

Me Digging Mid Center Bed

Having had a wet winter, with little or no plot time.  Last weekend the plot dried out to the point where I was happy to work the soil again. Since the […]

Our Snowman and Snowpenguin

I’m a little behind this year (beds still need digging over) but it does feel like the new season has started or is staring. Twitter is a wash with people […]

A big pile of cow manure

The season is coming to an end and with only a little left to harvest, it is now time to start thinking about feeding the soil to provide a bumper […]

Dad part way through building the compost bin

For my birthday recently, my parents sent a lovely card that included a voucher for a hand-made wooden compost bin.  Essentially it said that the next time they visited Dad would […]

Freshly dug vegetable bed

Having some spare time on the allotment this weekend, with nothing urgent to do.  I decided to start preparations for next year. So out came the fork and I started to dig. […]

My new fruit and vegetable venture!

What do you get if you cross a very keen allotmenteer [Me], an extremely patient family and 18 months of very little sleep?….An awesome tool for planning your fruit and vegetable […]